Porcelain Inlays or Onlays

Porcelain Inlays or Onlays

Carrying a smile that encourages people to talk to you is the indicator of the best oral health. If you do not feel confident in flaunting your smile amongst the people then, it’s time for you to meet a dentist at Angie Dinh DDS.

What are Porcelain Inlays or Onlays?

These are the internal crowns that are formed by porcelain, which replace the decayed tooth tissue while still preserving the healthy tissue in the mouth, and the advantage is they look natural and are generally strong. 

Inlays are formed of long-lasting, natural-looking substances like porcelain, which is strong, while Onlays are used for larger restoration, repairing inside the cusp, which extends over one or more side of the tooth; both the restoration options are invisible.  

Porcelain Inlays or Onlays are Placed?

Both inlays and outlays are performed through the same procedure. During the first visit, the area will be made numb using a local anesthetic. Then the decayed or the damaged tooth are removed using the drill; then, once it is done, an impression is made of the prepared tooth so the inlay and outlay material can be cast, which fills the tooth exactly. Then the temporary restoration is placed on the tooth for protection; meanwhile, the laboratory makes the new structure which can be bonded to the tooth.  

The laboratory prepared the new tooth surface using the impression, and the material for the new tooth surface is of gold, porcelain, etc. during the second, the temporary restoration is removed.

Next, the dentist will try the new restoration and makes sure that it fits perfectly fine, and then by using cement, the inlay and outlay are permanently attached. Finally, the dentist polishes the bonded structure.

How to Take Care After Porcelain Inlays or Onlays Placement?

  • It demands maintaining oral hygiene.
  • Diet should be taken care of and maintained properly. 
  • Regular check-ups are needed.
  • Do not alter the daily routine. 

What are the Advantages of Porcelain Inlays or Onlays Placement?

  • They have more strength than composite resin fillings. 
  • The durability is more compare to composite fillings. 
  • They give natural looks. 
  • It is a cost-effective procedure.
  • Caring is the same as that of natural teeth.


We at Angie Dinh provide the best Porcelain Inlays or Onlays in Houston, TX. We help our patients improve their oral hygiene and educate them with the necessary guidance to take good care of their oral health.  


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