Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns

Compromising with the tooth that is broken or damaged is a thing of the past. Now with Angie Dinh DDS, one can easily fix their broken tooth and get their smile back. 

What is Porcelain Crown?

For a broken or a damaged tooth, dentists use a crown to cover the damaged part to give the set of teeth a better appearance. The material used in this procedure can be metal, ceramic, zirconia, or even porcelain. So a crown is used to hide the damaged tooth is nothing but the porcelain crown. 

Dentists widely use porcelain crowns because they give an aesthetic look and are generally tough to differentiate between the original and the artificial tooth.

How is Porcelain Crown Placed?

The dentist first examines the tooth which needs to be treated, and this might also involve taking the X-ray of the tooth; in some cases, taking the mold of your mouth beforehand. She will then file down the outer layer of the tooth. Then an impression will be made of your trimmed tooth and the surrounding area, and she places a temporary crown on the tooth for protection, and she will ask you to come for the second visit specifying the date.

Taking the impression, the dentist will send it to the dental lab to make the crown.

How to Take Care of Teeth After Porcelain Crown Placement?

  • Avoid eating hard foods that can break the crown. 
  • Avoid eating chewy and sticky food, which can dislodge the crown.
  • Always chew the food from the opposite side.
  • Avoid bad habits like grinding the teeth, biting nails, etc. 

What are the Advantages of Porcelain Crown Placement?

  • They look natural and give you a pleasant smile. 
  • They are affordable. 
  • They are biocompatible and safe. 
  • They fit perfectly.
  • Caring for the porcelain is just like regular teeth. 


Here, the porcelain Crown placement is done by expert dentists who have got a wealth of experience. So, worry no more and contact Angie Dinh DDS to fix your teeth and smile. 


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