Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding

Having damaged teeth can be a setback to your overall appearance. You deserve a smile transformation, and Angie Dinh DDS can do that for you.

What is Composite Bonding?

In composite bonding, a composite resin matching your natural teeth color is molded on the surface of the teeth. This will help in repairing cracked or chipped teeth or removing stains or discoloration. It can improve the aesthetic appeal of your teeth and smile in just one sitting.

How is Composite Bonding Done?

The composite bonding is carried out by a specialized dentist, as explained in the following procedures.

  • At first, the doctor will do an initial checkup and will choose a composite resin material with a color matching the natural color of your teeth. 
  • As a first step, the teeth surface is roughened.
  • Next, the resin material is planted on the teeth surface with a strong liquid adhesive. 
  • The bonding material is hardened using an ultraviolet curing light.

How to Take care of Teeth After Composite Bonding?

  • Composite bonding can last long if proper care is taken.
  • Regular dental checkups are recommended, preferably every six months
  • Brush twice and floss once every day
  • Rinse your mouth with water after every meal
  • Avoid colored food items or those that leave stains on your teeth, especially in the first two days.
  • Avoid hard food
  • Don’t bite your nails or try to open bottles with your teeth

What are the Advantages of Composite Bonding?

  • Non-invasive procedure 
  • Affordable
  • The whole procedure can be done in a single sitting
  • Looks and functions naturally

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