Truths about Oral Care

Truths about Oral Care

Posted by Dr. Angie Dinh on Feb 19 2019, 04:05 AM

Truths about Oral Care

It’s more than just brushing your teeth 

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), more than 100 million Americans fail to see a dentist every year. Which is quite shocking considering the number of studies that link your oral health to many problems in your body. 

Some health concerns such as: 

  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Lung disease
  • Premature childbirths 

There is more that could add to that list, but you get the point, oral health = important! So what habits can we incorporate for better hygiene? Let's go over a few tips that you can start with as soon as today.

Get Healthy

I know, I know, the last thing we want is our dentist telling us about our diet, but it’s essential. Everything from sugary drinks to sour or sticky candies hurt our teeth and the enamel. As your body needs nutrients from rich foods so do your teeth. Your teeth need calcium to stay strong and fight against cavities. Which is why what we eat is as critical as how we brush. Incorporating small portions of calcium to your everyday diet will help in keeping up with your oral health. You might also want to skip on late night snacking since we are less likely to choose healthy foods.

Brushing twice a day

We all know this yet sometimes we forget. Better yet we don't see the need to clean twice daily. When you fall asleep with bacteria covering our teeth and gums you are telling your bacteria, “please become plaque!” Taking the two extra minutes to get your brushing done is worth it, I promise. Flossing and rinsing at least once a day is essential as well. Not only will your teeth thank you in the long run but you will feel a whole lot more confident with fresh breath.  


Drinking water is vital for your body and health, but it's also necessary for your teeth and gums. Throughout the day we eat and drink a variety of things. We don't always brush afterward, and bacteria tends to rest on our teeth. Water gives your mouth a little refresher and helps wash off any leftover food particles. Water also causes no staining on your teeth. Unlike coffee, tea and wine which are factors in teeth staining. 


This should be a given on this list. There is much evidence that shows why smoking is a bad idea on its own. Not only does it cause everything from lung cancer to throat cancer but it rots away at your teeth. The chemicals inside a cigarette prevent the bacteria on your teeth to properly breakdown after a meal or after a snack. Which in return causes you to develop gingivitis. Without proper care, your teeth could become so fragile that mobility will begin to occur. If you think that is terrible, I should also let you know about the bad breath it causes. Yes, bad breath and this can arise from a variety of different reasons, but smoking is right up there. 


Whitening has been a favorite product for our smiles for many years now. Not only do we look better but our confidence skyrockets when our smile is at it’s best shape. Whitening being as potent as it is can be a bit invasive to your teeth. There are mixed reviews about whitening in the dental field about how much is too much. With whitening options being offered anywhere from malls to at home options sold on Amazon, you have to consider your risks. Talk to your dentist first about what products you are using and how often since this could cause sensitivity issues. They might be able to provide more comfortable, safer options.

Dental Visits

Twice a year unless instructed otherwise by your dentist or hygienist. With regular visits, they can better track your oral health. You also want to make sure always to let your dentist know of any changes in your medical health. As we read above, the bacteria in your mouth has to do with many health problems. Which is why it’s important to discuss any changes that might help your dentist give you the best diagnosis.

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